Brooke Greenberg: No Need To Stop Aging

June 24th, 2009 - 9:14 pm ICT by GD  

Brooke Greenberg Never been diagnosed with chromosome peculiarity or genetic syndrome, the now 16 year old girl, Brooke Greenberg, has not grown with age.

Her father thinks that she is a “fountain of youth” and is curious to know why she does not age. She has baffled scientists and doctors with her baby teeth even at the age of 16 and her bone age is that of 10 year old. All over the world people are found trying cosmetics to stop aging and here is a girl who has no need of using any external measures to stop aging, because she has never aged. Brooke’s brain has not developed the way it should have and her organs are not in sync.

On the other hand the disease which introduces fast aging is Progeria syndrome wherein the nucleus becomes unstable and cells age prematurely.

Brooke never speaks and expresses with her infant sounds. At the same time she recognizes and laughs when she sees her sisters. Her mother believes that her daughter, Brooke, undergoes changes everyday which are not physical but within her heart. It is touching but one should admire the spirit of Brooke and her parents. She attends Baltimore Public School in a special education section for special children.

Brooke Greenberg, her family points out, has amazing healing powers. Once when she was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, she slept for 14 days and awoke with the absent tumor. She also had a brain seizure which the doctors took to be a stroke, but she recovered without damaging any bit of herself. Another curiosity in her case is her life span. Doctors don’t know how long she will live.

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