Bernoulli numbers solved by a 16 year-old

May 31st, 2009 - 1:04 am ICT by GD  

The three century old mathematical problem called the Bernoulli numbers was solved by the mathematical genius Mohamed Altoumaimi. This 16 year-old teenager took four months to get to the solution. Experts claim that though the formula for this problem was previously known, no one could solve this problem before. This complex mathematical problem was invented by the 17th century mathematician named Jacob Bernoulli.

Mohamed Altoumaimi resides in Sweden but is an immigrant from Iraq. When the boy showed his teachers the solution at his school, they were not ready to accept the solution. No one thought that he could find the right way to solve this near impossible sum. Hundreds have tried before him, including some of the top names in the world of mathematics and science. He then went to the Uppsala University with his solution, the country’s best university, where the professors found the formula and his approach correct. However, they were equally surprised like his school teachers.

Later, a clarification was given‚ by the mathematical community that the probable solution to this century old problem was available in mathematical circuits though not openly available to all. This is not to say that the boy did not solve the Bernoulli numbers by himself. What makes Mohamed Altoumaimi’s feat unique is his age. Everyone believes that the boy is a genius and has great potential to accomplish a lot in the future.

The Bernoulli numbers is a sequence of rational numbers that‚ help us to solve the number theory. Tough it was first discovered by Jakob Bernoulli in Europe, it was also independently discovered in Japan by Seki Kwa.

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