Bernard Kerik: Was He Misleading and False?

June 17th, 2009 - 10:19 pm ICT by GD  

Bernard KerikBernard Kerik is considered one of the most decorated Police Commissioners in the history of the New York Police Department. Kerik was often found patrolling New York City at night where the crime rate was sky high, but with sheer vigilance and insight as to how to reduce crimes Kerik was able to bring down the rate of crimes happening in the city compared to other cities. During the WTC attach on September 11th, 2001 Kerick was in his office and had arrived at the base of Tower1 before it collapsed which caused he and his men to be drowned in the debris of the burning building and plane.

From sources it has been found that between September 11 and Tuesday, September 26, a total of 863 bomb threats were received into 911. During the same period the prior year, only 69 similar calls were received, and after getting details of such investigations Bernard Kerik came to the conclusion that it is mandate and crucial to review existing security measures, technology, information exchange protocols and levels of cooperation shared amongst the enrolled agencies.

We see Kerik as a dutiful officer and at the same time he regrets of making few mistakes in his personal life which occurred during his years spent in South Korea. His wedlock with a lady identified as Yi Yun Cha resulted to a birth of girl child, both of whom he left back in Korea after he was transferred back to US.

Despite all the heroic contributions he made to his job, he at one point went off the track and got prosecuted. It was revealed that Kerik received about $255,000 in renovations to his apartment in Riverdale from a company seeking to do business with the city of New York. Kerik concealed the income from the Internal Revenue Service. Kerik eventually withdrew his name when he was nominated to become the secretary of homeland security by President George W. Bush as he was accused of giving “false and misleading answers to the questions put up up by acting U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin of the Southern District of New York.

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