Bagram: Is It Still A Safe Base

June 22nd, 2009 - 12:17 am ICT by GD  

Bagram base Kabir Ahmad, Bagram’s top government official reported that there were 2 rockets which were fired on the Bagram base, which lies 25 miles northeast of the Afghan capital Kabul, in the early hours of Sunday. The explosion, at Bagram base, also hurt six Americans, out of which 4 are military personnel and the remaining two are civilians, as told by US military spokeswoman, Lieutenant Commander Christine Sidenstricker. The wounded personnel were taken to the nearby hospital on Bagram for treatment, there is no news of Afghan civilians being attacked near the base.

The untimely deaths of men and women have generated a lot of discussion. Comments from sources reveal people saying that “All political parties should hang there heads in shame when we have young men and women fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban and some of these young troops are coming home in body bags.What do our so called politicians do, they cheat the system and say it was a mistake.”

In response to the attack, the alarmed US government, with orders of President Barack Obama sent 21,000 additional troops to the country this year to fight against increasing violence by Taliban. The number of US military personnel dying in Afghanistan was 151 last year and this year its 80, till now.

Compared to other troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, who experience rocket attacks frequently, at times weekly, daily, or even multiple times in one day, Bagram continues to be a safe base. Bagram is sprawling Soviet-era base that is responsible for housing thousands of troops, mostly from the 82nd Airborne Division. Most forces present in the Bagram base are American, but many other countries also have their troops at the base.

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