Baby-Eating Killer Woman Otty Sanchez: Lady ‘Hannibal The Cannibal’

July 28th, 2009 - 6:10 pm ICT by GD  

killer-baby-eaterIn a recent incident, that seems to have redefined “bizarre” altogether, a 33 year-old Texan mom, Otty Sanchez, has been in the news for decapitating and reportedly eating parts of her 3 1/2 week old baby son.

According to reports of the police spokesperson Joe Rios, when the police arrived at the modest San Antonio home, where the accused had been residing with her mother and sister following her separation from her estranged husband reportedly a week earlier, they found her covered all over with blood, in an obvious state of hysterics, screaming that she had killed her baby and so wanted to die.

According to the police, her babbling about “hearing voices” and being possessed by the devil seemed to appear like spontaneous utterances rather than a premeditated explanation for her crime.

Reports also state the presence of two other young children in the house, aged five and seven, who happened to be the cousins of the deceased baby, who were left unharmed in the ordeal. Apparently, the grissly deed was discovered, at 4:30 on Sunday, when the accused’s mother walked in on the grotesque scene of her holding the beheaded and truncated body of the dead child.

According to Police Chief McManus, who couldn’t quite bring himself to graphically describe the disturbing details of the gory affair, Sanchez had apparently eaten parts of the baby’s brain, chewed off three of his toes and eventually turned the knife on herself, inflicting serious stab wounds on herself.

Otty Sanchez has been charged with the capital murder of baby Scott Wesley Bucholtz-Sanchez, against a $1 million bail. She spent Monday in the hospital where she has been admitted for the treatment of her self-inflicted wounds.

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