At she will be making decisions soon about the VP

June 4th, 2008 - 2:13 pm ICT by David M N James  

Hillary Clinton seems to wobble as Obama makes it tops. By midnight yesterday, the Hillary camp was fagged out with worry. At her official website, the lady eyeing the presidency is claiming she is willing to go all the way to the convection and she will win. The Obama victory is being splashed all over the web and at his official website .

During Tuesday conference call with members of the New York Congressional delegation Mrs. Clinton said she would do whatever she could including a vice presidential position to help Democrats win the White House. While Obama said, that the Democrats were at tops because of Clinton and that he was a better candidate because of Hillary Clinton. This shows the Democrats are eyeing Clinton as a threat and incorporating her in the Vice presidency.

The rush for super delegates and the split results from the Montana and South Dakota primaries have given Barrack Obama 2118 delegates threshold which puts him in good stead for the August convection at Denver.

News of the Obama victory was news at CNN and other international news channels, dwarfing the Clinton attempt for the candidature. Clinton said it was a crucial moment in her bid and congratulated Obama but she was downbeat. She seemed ready to quit. At New York she told the crowds that “This has been a long campaign and I will be making no decisions tonight. I want the 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected”

The race final hours were awash with announcements of Democrats delegate-by-delegate declared their support for Mr. Obama and the site was having a huge traffic because of the news.

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