Andrew Luster caught by the bounty hunters

June 7th, 2009 - 8:21 pm ICT by GD  

The bill has already been passed by the House. Now it awaits a full Senate hearing. The state of Oregon plans on bringing back the tradition of Bail Bondsmen. Since 1974, Bail bondsmen have been banned in the state of Oregon beside three others. The House Bill 2682 will be studied by an interim committee before the next legislative session.

The concept of bail bondsmen allows for commercial operators to pay the bond to ‘bail out’ criminal defendants. In case of forfeiture and the criminal bypassing the law, the operator hunt them down. A very famous name in this business is that of Doug “Dog” Chapman who is a hugely successful Bounty Hunter with over 7,000 captures to his credit, the most famous one being that of Andrew Luster.

Andrew Luster belongs to the line of the very lustrous family of cosmetic giant Max Factor, who founded the Max Factor cosmetic brand. He was convicted of serial rape charges in 2003. Two to three weeks before he was to go on trial, on January 2003, Luster had fled the country. He was declared a fugitive by the law, and the judges ruled that Luster would go on trial even in his absence.

On January 22, after 2 days of speculation and deliberation on the case, without Luster’s presence, the jury found him guilty of 86 of the 87 charges he had been indicted with. His conviction fetched him a total of 124 years in the prison. He was caught in Mexico by Doug “Dog” Chapman.

The truth about Luster came to light when he had used the GHB (date rape drug) on one of his unsuspecting victims called Carrie and admitted to her about giving her the drug. Detectives caught him using Carrie as a bait and discovered his other victims from the tapes found in his beach house.

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