All About a Ballistic Knife

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A ballistic knife is one with a blade that can be detached and sprung out from its holder as a projectile through a spring-loading or gas-propelled mechanism. The United States banned these knives in 1986, along with some other weapons according to the Penal law 265.01 (1). The other weapons banned along with Spetsnaz knives were firearms, electronic dart guns, gravity knives, electronic stun guns, switchblades, cane swords, metal knuckle knives, metal knuckles, chuka sticks, slungshots and bludgeons, among a few more weapons.

Manufactured by the erstwhile USSR company Ostblock, ballistic knives were supplied in bulk to the Soviet special force Spetsnaz in the 1980s to be used as “stealth” weapons when the use of a gun was not possible. The original Spetsnaz ballistic knife was a metal cylinder with a very powerful spring that brought out the blade. The blade could be used with the handle as an automatic knife, or could be sprung out like a projectile by pressing a switch, lever, or button, or by pulling a pin, and could be thrown to a distance of 20 feet. If the knife was thrown appropriately with an overhand throw, it could penetrate clothing and flesh to enter the victim’s body.

Although over 30 states of the US allow a person to carry an automatic knife legally, the use of ballistic knives is widely banned except for use of a few special defense personnel. Sales of these knives were stopped in the US in 1986 and the launching holder was then made available with a hook for grappling or an aluminum baton.

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