Air France Black Box Mystery Still Unfolding

June 23rd, 2009 - 8:09 pm ICT by GD  

AF447 The French officials have confirmed that the French military ships were looking for the black boxes of the fateful Flight 447. They revealed that though they had detected sounds in the Atlantic ocean, which had started the rumors that the black box had been recovered, the sounds were not coming from the black boxes of Flight 447. This information was provided by a French official on the 23rd of June. Along with some of the French investigators the official also denied the veracity of the report published on the website of the French newspaper, Le Monde. The website had mentioned that the signals picked by the French ships were the signals from the black boxes of Flight 447.

The aide to France’s Transport Minister, Jean-Louis-Borloo, has told the media that the French military ships had “heard sounds” but “the black boxes have not been detected.” The recovery of the black boxes is very crucial as they will be instrumental in revealing significant details about the crash and the factors that led to the crash. According to official reports the black boxes will be emitting signals for approximately eight more days, after which it will stop emitting any kind of signal. The French officials have been on the look out for the black boxes since the fateful day of 31st May, 2009, when the plane had crashed. The officials have already confirmed that the plane fell into the Atlantic after getting embroiled in thunderstorms on its route from Rio de Janerio to Paris. The mishap is considered to be one of the most gruesome modern-day accidents because it led to the death of all the 228 people who were on board.

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