Air France AF447 Mystery deepens

June 6th, 2009 - 8:34 pm ICT by GD  

Air France AF447 The latest news on Air France Mystery was that the Brazilian authorities had found debris from the downed plane. However, the French authorities are challenging this statement made by their Brazilian counterparts.

On 31st May, when the Air France Flight 447 virtually vanished from the sky, 12 other airplanes where in the sky sharing the trans-Atlantic sky-route with the Flight 447. However, none of the 12 airliners reported any problems and they all reached their individual destinations safely and on time. This has further deepened the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Air France Flight 447 that was en route to Paris from Rio.

Earlier, it was being assumed that the flight had plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, the site being somewhere between the coasts of West Africa and Brazil. But the surfacing of this new information about some dozen airplanes flying in the same Atlantic zone raised a whole set of new questions upon the flights sudden disappearance from the face of the sky.

It was thought before that when the Flight 447 with 228 passengers on board disappeared altogether, the airliner’s computer system had reported a series of technical problems about four hours after the takeoff. The reports were coming in even during the time when the flight had entered a large storm that was brewing up a few hundred miles from the far eastern coast of Brazil. But sometimes later, the reports stopped coming in and till now everything still remains a mystery.

Though non of the other plans had reported any kind of mechanical malfunction due to the weather, aviation experts are of the opinion that “weather can change suddenly and vary over short distances, so one plane might experience conditions far worse than another.”

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