Activists say two killed in Tibetan monastery crackdown

April 23rd, 2011 - 10:48 pm ICT by BNO News  

BEIJING (BNO NEWS) — Two elderly Tibetans were killed after Chinese police raided a Buddhist monastery located in the Ngaba area of the country’s southwestern province of Sichuan, activists said Saturday.

The US-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) said paramilitary police raided the Kirti monastery on Thursday and took away more than 300 monks. A group of people, who have been gathered around the entrance gate since April 12, were beaten “mercilessly” by police after they tried to prevent the trucks with the detainees from leaving.

A 60-year-old male and 65-year-old female were killed.

“People had their arms and legs broken, one old woman had her leg broken in three places, and cloth was stuffed in their mouths to stifle their screams,” an exiled Kirti monk said, according to the organization.

Exile sources said the detainees were taken to 10 large military trucks and driven away. Most of them were released Friday, but a group of younger people was detained.

The ICT said all shops and restaurants in Ngaba county town remained closed, and only military and official vehicles can be seen on the roads. Provincial public security authorities issued a notice banning foreigners from entering various Tibetan areas of southwest Sichuan.

The incident is the latest development in an escalating crisis at Kirti. The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy also reported that a 24-year old Tibetan man died of his injuries after being beaten severely by police after he protested together with two other youths outside the local police station on April 7.

Last month, a monk set himself on fire in an apparent anti-government protest.

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