82-year-old Arranger Of Illegal Cockfighting Is Convicted

August 13th, 2010 - 8:18 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

August 13, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): A South Carolinian judge named Cameron Currie has pronounced a punishment for an 82-year-old male named Gene Jeffcoat, who is of Swansea. This octogenarian male was culpable for the arrangement of hundreds of unconstitutional cockfights on his land. The punishment awarded to Jeffcoat was one year of home detention. The judge has declared that the transportation to and residing of Jeffcoat in a jail would have been too pricey an affair.

The State, a respected newspaper of Columbia, has divulged that Gene Jeffcoat emerged in a federal courthouse on Wednesday in a wheelchair in anticipation of a verdict. Jeffcoat is a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He is also plagued by his back, recently damaged, and other health crises. Therefore, Judge Currie adopted a sympathetic standpoint and sentenced him to home confinement in addition to electronic policing and five years of probation.

In excess of 20,300 roosters passed away in unlawful cockfights organized over 18 years on Jeffcoat’s ranch. Roosters possessed knives or steel gaffs strapped to their legs. These roosters would wrestle to their deaths while their proprietors and the onlookers put money on which would triumph.

Jeffcoat accepted blameworthiness earlier this year for administering an illegal undertaking related to animal fighting. He also acknowledged that he had executed a prohibited betting business.

Jeffcoat’s period in home incarceration will consist of electronic policing since Judge Currie was not swayed that Jeffcoat was in as miserable a health as he seemed during the trial. The judge asserted that she had obtained reports that Jeffcoat had been present during trials in the state court for his associate cockfighting defendants.

Debbie Barbier happens to be the assistant U.S. Attorney. She has stated that Jeffcoat enacted a significant role in arranging the cockfights. Jeffcoat possessed the property at Swansea and, in effect, constituted all the regulations that governed cockfighting at the site.

Bill Nettles happens to be a U.S. Attorney. Nettles has declared that the convictions should discourage others from involving themselves in cockfights. Nettles also hoped that this verdict would be considerably responsible for terminating the barbaric practice of cockfighting in South Carolina.

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