51 Dead Bodies, Seemingly Associated With The Rivalry Between Drug Gangs, Found At A Dumping Ground In Northern Mexico

July 25th, 2010 - 8:26 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

July 25, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): The detectives of Mexico uttered on Saturday that they have found 51 dead bodies in two days of hollowing out in a ground that is in close proximity to a trash dump outside the city of Monterrey. Exhumations continue to take place at this ground, which is certain to be one of the biggest but surreptitious body dumping grounds associated with Mexico’s blood-spattered drug war.

Monterrey is located in the Nuevo Leon state. Its attorney general happens to be Alejandro Garza y Garza. He has asserted that the corpses consisted of 48 males and 3 females. Such has been the massiveness of the number of corpses that the authorities have been compelled to employ chilled trucks to hold the corpses.

The police personnel are still battling to classify the human leftovers. Nonetheless, they have pointed a finger of suspicion at a gang of drug traffickers. Garza y Garza has articulated that the greater part of these dead bodies possess tattoos of dissimilar sorts. These tattoos could bestow the establishment a hint about whether these corpses were members of one faction or another. These tattoos would also facilitate the ascertainment of whether they were connected to prearranged crime. He mentioned that the detectives were about to terminate their investigation and the results of it would be known.

A spokesperson of the provincial government has namelessly divulged that some of the corpses have been unearthed in one piece while others were interred in pits. The spokesman uttered that a nameless phone instruction directed the establishment to the site in question.

Pictures have illustrated burnt marks on the ground. It would be safe to utter that some of the fatalities may have been set on fire partially. The Mexican drug leagues have attained infamousness for their usage of acidic liquids, fire, quicklime and other techniques to get rid of their enemies and to complicate the procedure of the categorization of the corpses. The biggest Mexican mass grave unearthed in the recent past was in May in the southern city of Taxco. There, 55 corpses were abandoned in a derelict mine shaft, in all likelihood, by a drug gang.

Practically 25,000 persons have been liquidated in drug-related belligerence in Mexico since the national administration initiated a concerted offensive against the drug leagues towards the ending of 2006.

The national administration had mentioned some time ago that the great majority of the casualties were gang constituents. This is due to the criminal voraciousness of the drug leagues to be in command of domestic street-level drug sales. On many occasions, adversarial drug sellers have been bumped off.

However, the drug leagues have also mercilessly exterminated police officials and have abducted blameless people. Monterrey has been the sight of gory clashes between the Gulf league and its previous collaborator, the Zetasgang.

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