16 year-old Baby On TLC: The Curious Case Of Brooke ‘(Ever)Green’berg

August 7th, 2009 - 8:53 pm ICT by GD  

babyThe dynamics of the passage of time and it’s association with the unpleasant but apparently inevitable process of aging, has been one that has always been the matter of scientific curiosity, but now comes a case that has managed to baffle the most brilliant of medical minds.

The extraordinary story of the age-resistant 16 year-old baby, airs on TLC on Sunday, August 9th at 9 p.m, in a special documentary called “Child Frozen In Time”, that promises to amaze the most blase of viewers. Brought into the spotlight recently by an ABC coverage, this incredible story is that of 16 year-old Brooke Greenberg, who for all appearances and practical purposes, is an infant, with the body and mind of a toddler, complete with her milk teeth still in place.

This remarkable aberration, which is nothing short of a medical marvel, has zapped scientists and medical researchers alike, who fail to detect any signs of chromosomal abnormality or genetic disorder that could possible explain her arrested process of aging. In layman’s terms, it’s almost as if they have stumbled across the fabled Brook…oops…Fountain of Youth, or as in this case that of ‘Infancy’.

The 16 year-old toddler rides a car-seat, has to be transported around in a stroller, and has the mental capacity of an infant. While whether or not little Miss Greenberg will contribute to a radical scientific breakthrough remains to be seen in future, what remains an undeniable fact, is that medicine’s very own little Miss Peter Pan, has lent a very different and decidedly literal spin, on the concept of the kid, “who never grew up”.

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