Younger men feel threatened by more experienced women

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Washington, April 18 (IANS) Younger men feel threatened by sexually experienced women, while older men consider them more desirable and arousing, says a new study. But older men became more careful and choosy about sexual partners as they age. A woman’s sexual history impacts different age groups in different ways.

Many older men were unable to differentiate between desire and arousal, a recurring keynote in most sexual response models used by the researchers and clinicians.

These responses thrown up by a Kinsey Institute study, appearing in the April issue of Archives of Sexual Behaviour, are unique because few studies so far have examined how closely the findings of decades of laboratory studies on sex actually reflect the experiences of men.

Erick Janssen of the institute said: “We use all kinds of methods to measure men’s sexual responses; in addition, we use questionnaires and surveys to ask about sexual behaviours. It’s less common to sit down with men and ask them to talk about their experiences.”

The focus groups involved 50 men divided into three groups based on their age (18-24 years, 25-45 years and 46 and older).

Some factors, such as depression or a risk of being caught having sex, were reported by some men as inhibiting sex, while other men found that they could enhance their desire and arousal.

Janssen and his colleagues focussed on sexual excitation and sexual inhibition. They refer to this as the dual control model of sexual response. Janssen relates this to the accelerator and brake pedals in a vehicle - both can influence a car’s behaviour but they do so in different ways.

This model is used globally on topics as varied as sexual dysfunction and sexual risk taking. To measure the propensity for sexual excitation and inhibition, the researchers designed a questionnaire.

Sex researchers tend to focus a lot on differences between men and women, while overlooking basic differences among men and women, they said.

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