Wives and chocolates mean firearms in terror jargon

June 4th, 2008 - 11:20 am ICT by IANS  

Toronto, June 4 (IANS) If what was revealed in a Canadian court is true, smart and sexy words seem to have entered the lexicon of Al Qaeda linked terror plotters. They are using coded words like wives, chicks, pure girls, chocolates and food for firearms. Playing intercepts between the alleged ring leader of Canada’s first home-grown terror plot and his co-accused in a Brampton city court here Tuesday, the prosecution said the alleged plotters used these coded words for firearms during their conversation before the plot was unearthed in June 2006.

Known as Toronto-18, the alleged plot came to light when the police cracked the nation’s first Al Qaeda terror cell by picking up 17 people in a raid in June 2006. Another person was arrested two months later.

The plotters had allegedly planned to blow up Toronto downtown buildings, storm the nation’s parliament, take top leaders hostage and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Of these 18 suspects, 10 are in jail and four on bail. The trial of three has been stayed. And the 18th person is now facing trial.

The suspects had allegedly attended a training camp in the rural areas of Ontario in December 2005 to practise using firearms and hostage-taking. The alleged plot was unearthed after the police arrested two men at the US border for trying to smuggle weapons and ammunition into Canada.

From their jail phone conversations, the police came to know about the larger terror plot. A local Muslim was used as a mole to crack the terror cell.

In the court Tuesday, the prosecution said the phone intercepts exposed how one of the ringleaders of the terror plot spoke about their mission to the other co-accused, including one in Pakistan and another in Canadian jail at that time.

As the intercept exposed, the man in jail asks: “How about that chick, that black chick?”

The ringleader replies: “We played around with her, like, enough… The whole group was dealing with it. I got her a whole lot of food to eat.”

When the man in jail offers to get ‘pure girls’ through a person he knows, the ringleader says: “We need wives, man. We need wives that can handle themselves.”

Then he asks: “How much money do you think he’s going to need. Everybody’s gotta have like, maybe two, three, four wives.”

Another intercept revealed that the accused in Pakistan was there on a mission to learn how to make ‘chocolates’.

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