Why Indians are influential– Part II

January 5th, 2009 - 7:55 pm ICT by ANI  

India has the third-largest army in the world, nearly 1.5 million strong. Indian Railways is the largest employer in the world, with a staff of 1.6 million people under single management. India is the second-largest cement-producing country in the world, producing more than 110m tonnes. India is the largest democracy in the world, with nearly 400m voting in the last national elections.
India is among the few countries who have built a supercomputer indigenously. India is ranked the sixth country in the world in terms of satellite launches. There are over 70,000 bank branches in India - among the highest in the world.
Indian immigrants have founded more engineering and technology companies in the US in the past decade (1995-2005) than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan and Japan combined. Almost 26% of all immigrant-founded companies in the last ten years were founded by Indian immigrants. Immigrants from the UK, China, and Taiwan contributed to 7.1 percent, 6.9 percent and 5.8 percent of all immigrant-founded businesses, respectively.
Based on analysis of the World Intellectual Property Organization, patent databases, the largest group of immigrant non-citizen inventors were Chinese (Mainland and Taiwan-born). Indians were second, followed by the Canadians and British.
This list is not complete, as all the data cannot be included in one article. Most of the above data deals with the Indians in the USA, but Indians also live in the Arab world, Britain and other European countries where they are making substantial contribution to the economies of those countries. The main reason for that is Indians are educated, and they have made a reputation of being honest and hard working people. Many countries prefer to have labour from India rather than Pakistan or Azad Kashmir; and one doesn”t have to be a rocket scientist to know reasons for this.
There are more Indians in Britain than Pakistanis and Kashmiris put together. Whereas we have more people in prisons and in low level jobs; Indians have more people in ”white collar” jobs and places of power. We spend more time and money in arranging functions, welcome parties and receptions for police inspectors, ”patwaris” and local politicians from AJK and Pakistan than on education of our children and making political space for ourselves in Britain.
I have written this knowing that it will open a flood gate of criticism against me because in our society we are taught to dislike and hate Hindus and Jews; and I have dared to highlight contributions of both communities. I hope my message is understood in its true perspective that we need to channel our energies in making ourselves more competitive rather than cursing others for our mistakes and miseries. (ANI)

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