What Michelle will wear is a more tightly held secret than my VP choice: Barack Obama

August 23rd, 2008 - 2:54 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama

New York, Aug.23 (ANI): What his wife, Michelle, will be wearing, is a more tightly held secret than what his vice-presidential choice was, says presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama.
When asked what Michelle was going to wear on Monday night, CBS quoted Obama as saying: You know, there — there are some things that even I don”t know. And what Michelle is gonna wear is a tightly held secret. More tightly held than who my vice presidential choice is gonna be.
This was just before he formerly announced the name of Delaware Senator Joseph Biden Junior as his running mate.
Revealing what guided him to choose Biden over the others, Obama told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith in Chester, Virginia, on Thursday, that the most important question was whether his choice for running mate would be prepared to be president and the second most important question was whether this person could help him to govern?
The third criteria from me, I think, was independence. I want somebody who is gonna be able to challenge my thinking — and not simply be a — a yes person — when it comes to policies, Obama said.
Obama further said that he expected his Republican rival John McCain to make him an issue in the presidential stakes.
Asked whether he was surprised by the tone of the Republican campaign, he said: It’’s a little disappointing. I — I mean, you know– John McCain likes to characterize himself as a maverick. But the truth is what he’’s done, particularly over the last month when he shook up his campaign is he basically hired Karl Rove’’s old — old crew and adopted Karl Rove’’s old tactics. Which really had to do with suggesting that I was unpatriotic.
Asked how he saw the Democratic convention panning out, Obama said: I want to make the choice clear to the American people — for the last eight years we”ve had a particular set of economic policies that have resulted in record foreclosures — high unemployment, high inflation. … And so I want the American people to focus on whether or not we can afford to continue those policies for another four or eight years. Because that’’s essentially what John McCain’’s offering. (ANI)

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