Variety magazines top 10 speculations that never made news list

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Washington, December 29 (ANI): Speculations that the more than a dozen high-profile sequels made this summer would create a cut-throat competition at the box-office have topped the list of ideas that did not develop into news stories in 2007.

Another speculation that the Writers Guild of America would continue working through the end of the year, and would not resort to strike until spring, was the second big thing that did not happen.

Third on the list of speculations that did not actually make stories were rumours that Par Pictures executives Gail Berman and Alli Shearmur could soon part ways with DreamWorks studios.

Following this were speculations about various mergers, selloffs, and big-business deals that did not take place, reports Variety magazine.

Adding to the list was much publicised videogame Grand Theft Auto IV that was to be launched in October, but its launch was delayed until next spring.

Speculations that either Blu-ray or HD DVD would emerge as the new format in 2007, in the wake of announcement that Warner Bros. were launching Total HD, a hybrid disc compatible with both formats, made it to the sixth position. The studio has not launched the new format as yet.

This was followed by the expectation that people would soon begin watching Internet content on their TV sets, but that has not happened as yet.

Eighth on the list were speculations that private equity coin would flow freely into the TV biz, and provide much-needed cash infusion.

Another expected story was the collapse of the TV ad business in the wake of robust growth in Internet advertising.

Wrapping up the top 10 were speculations that cyber media would bring the newspaper business to an end.

Top 10 things that did not happen in 2007:

Summer sequels cannibalising one another

The Writers Guild of America would continue working through the year end

Par-DreamWorks stability

Mergers and selloffs

Boffo “Grand Theft Auto IV”

The end of the high-def DVD war

Home networking

Private equity coin will flow freely into the TV biz

The TV ad business will collapse

The newspaper biz will collapse (ANI)

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