‘US avoided strike in Pak to prevent Musharraf regime’s toppling’

November 14th, 2007 - 2:15 am ICT by admin  
Despite 10 billion dollars US assistance to Pakistan to nail down the Taliban and Al Qaeda, there are reports that they still remain headquartered in that country, Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation, who is also the CNN’s terrorism expert, said.

“A US military official in Afghanistan with access to intelligence information told me this spring that Taliban leader Mullah Omar ‘is still in Quetta,’” the Daily Times quoted Bergen, as saying.

A western official who based in Pakistan had told him that the US has apprised the Pakistan Government about the locations of high-value Taliban and Al Qaeda targets in late 2006, but they never acted upon it, Bergen said.

The New York Times has reported in one of its July edition that former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld nixed a proposed 2005 attack on a meeting of Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, the Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

“After Tora Bora Al Qaeda’s leaders fled into the tribal areas of western Pakistan, where they began the long process of rebuilding their devastated organisation,” Bergen writes in the current issue of New Republic.

When the Bush administration was focusing in Iraq, the Al Qaeda took the opportunity to reassert itself along the Afghan-Pakistan border, he added.

Art Keller, a CIA officer stationed in the tribal areas of Pakistan in 2006, told Bergen, “People are going from the Afghan-Pakistan border to Iraq to learn the tactics and then come back. Seems like the reverse of the way the war on terror was supposed to work.”

Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent who obtained a copy of confessions from Ramzi Yousef and Mir Aimal Kansi, told Bergen, “Duped by the myth of Musharraf’s indispensability, Bush officials are now overly reluctant to push the Pakistani leader too hard on confronting Al Qaeda - for fear he will be seen as an American stooge, eventually toppled, and replaced by someone far worse.”

Omar Bin Laden, the son of the Osama Bin Laden, has heaped abuse on his father for the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks had driven a permanent wedge between father and son, the Daily Times quoted Bergen, as saying. (ANI)

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