Unpublished letters reveal Bobby Fischers hatred for his mother

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London, Jan 28 (ANI): Bobby Fischer might have been a chess prodigy, but deep inside he was the most perplexing of human characters and a terribly heartless son, it has been revealed.

When Fischer, who died last month aged 64, went to Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1972 to play Russian grandmaster Boris Spassky for the world championship, he was everything an American hero was supposed to be, except for a caring son.

Unpublished letters have shed an unprecedented light on the genesis of Fischers shaky mental state and his obsession with beating Spassky at the so-called match of the century in Reykjavik in 1972.

The letters also reveal that he did not know who his real father was, and deeply hated his mother for being an active communist under continuous supervision by the FBI.

Fischers mother, Regina Fischer wrote to Joan Rodker, now a retired journalist, photographer and film-maker, on a regular basis revealing some of the anguish experienced by a mother disowned by an extraordinary son.

In a letter to Rodker in May 1959, Regina wrote: I have found I am not very necessary or useful to Bobby, and actually my presence is an irritant to him. Merely being there, or in the vicinity, is enough.

When Fischer became US champion at the tender age of 14, Regina confided in Rodker, describing her son as temperamental, unable to get along with others, without friends his age, and without any interests other than chess.

When Fischer was 16, Regina decided to pursue her training in medicine, which meant that her son would have to live without her.

It sounds terrible to leave a 16-year-old to his own devices, but he is probably happier that way. Maybe he is better off without my nagging him to go out for sports, etc, eat, get through his homework, go to bed before 1am, etc. I am tired of being a scapegoat and doormat, she wrote.

And Bobby was apparently relieved after getting rid of his mother. In an interview with Harpers magazine in 1962 he accused his mother of being a square, adding: I dont like people in my hair, so I had to get rid of her.

Rodker, now aged 92, believes that Fischers anger was because of his mothers fascination with left-wing activism, leading to an apparent letdown to be there for him as a mother.

She was an ardent communist. The Soviet Union could do no wrong, which was why Bobby was so ardently against it, Times Online quoted Rodker, as saying.

Fischers paternity was officially held by Reginas first husband, Hans-Gerhardt Fischer, but his real father, according to the 750 pages of files released by the FBI on Reginas death from cancer in 1997, was Dr Paul Nemenyi, a Hungarian physicist.

David Edmonds, co-author of the respected biography Bobby Fischer Goes to War, said that the letters were of immense significance in helping to solve unanswered questions about Bobbys life and provided further anecdotal evidence that he was really Bobby Nemenyi. (ANI)

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