UK workmen find `Staff of Moses’

April 2nd, 2009 - 2:32 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Apr.2 (ANI): A group of builders have reportedly discovered what experts believe is the fabled Staff of Moses.

The workmen thought the historic artefact, which dates back to hundreds of years before Christ, was just an old tatty piece of wood.But after initial tests by archaeologists and biblical scholars, the iconic find is being hailed as one of monumental importance.

According to The Sun, the staff was at Moses’ side throughout key milestones in the Bible story of Exodus. It was used to part the Red Sea, invoke a plague on the Egyptian Pharaoh, produce water from a rock and could even transform itself into a snake. Digger driver Charlie Kingston found it on Sunday as he dug a 20ft-deep trench on a site in east London.

The exact location has been kept secret to stop ‘treasure-hunters’ and onlookers flocking to the area.

“I was tipping out some earth when one of my mates Archie Tan shouted to stop, and pointed at the bucket. It’s not unusual to find bodies or human remains so I thought that’s what he’d seen in there. When we scraped off the mud, we thought it might just be a beaten-up walking stick. We’re amazed at what they are saying it could turn out to be,” Kingston was quoted, as saying.The builders and their bosses could now be in for a huge windfall, with experts confident other relic could also be hiding beneath the soil.

However, a comprehensive archaeological dig could take months, if not years, to complete so it may be some time before they see any financial reward. (ANI)

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