UK Tory leaders react angrily to exiled hate preachers Islamic rant

March 21st, 2009 - 5:54 pm ICT by ANI  

Gordon Brown

London, Mar.21 (ANI): Leaders of Britain’’s Conservative (Tory) Party have expressed anger at the Gordon Brown Government for allowing exiled hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed to address an anti-West public meeting here.
The fundamentalist cleric came out of hiding to issue a chilling warning that Britain should prepare for a September 11,2001 style atrocity.
Speaking from his home in Lebanon, Bakri, who was kicked out of Britain four years ago, gave his support to fanatics who abused brave British soldiers in a vile attack during their homecoming parade in Luton last week.
Addressing a meeting held at an east London hotel by telephone, he said British troops had declared war on Islam and must suffer the consequences along with innocent civilians.
You want to declare war against us, we will declare Islam against you, he said.
It is time for you to wake up before it is too late. If you put pressure on Muslims and push them underground, people will come and rise and retaliate against you, he added.
Despite the highly incendiary nature of the remarks, Scotland Yard last night refused to take any action against the organisers of the meeting.
Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons counter terrorism sub committee, said it was time the Government acted to stop such activities taking place. Surely those who accept and broadcast these telephone calls are guilty of the crime of incitement. The Government must stop soft- pedalling with this and stamp the laws of the country on them, Mercer was quoted, as saying.
Former Conservative Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe said: These people should be prosecuted for incitement. It is quite disgraceful. If I was to hold a meeting like this and make these kinds of comments about members of the Muslim community I would be prosecuted. The Government has failed to acts on these matters for a very long time and I am afraid that the law has now become quite toothless.
Bakris rant was broadcast on loudspeakers to ringleaders of the shameful protest at the welcome home march in Luton for the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. The extremists, including Bakris right-hand man Anjem Choudary, who wants Britain to be governed by Sharia law, urged Muslims to continue to insult British soldiers and attack evil democracy no matter what the consequences. (ANI)

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