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March 3rd, 2009 - 2:42 am ICT by GD  

Nadya Suleman The mom of the moment, the ‘octo-mom’ as Nadya Suleman is known as after being successfully able to deliver 8 newborns in the month of January, has problems. She fears that Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not release her eight newborns as the authorities think that she may not be able to look after her babies.

The reason for holding the release of the newborns is perfectly justifiable as Suleman is also a mother of half a dozen other young kids and her current living conditions do not suit the bringing up of 14 children.

But in the nick of time enters the, stamping their state of the art corporate logo right on the forehead of the Octo-Mom. The website did not leave a single stone unturned in making her a media sensation highlighting her appallingly consistent reproductive habits. From the time the news of her octuplets hit the air at the end of January, the website has published a total of 56 items about the lady till date. And the outcome -, of which no one had heard of, has in no time made a name of its self and Nadya Suleman, of course.

Earlier this month, a much hyped RadarOnline video was out which showed Suleman alongside her mother Angela. Surprisingly the octuplets were not to be seen anywhere in the video, saving the best for the last, maybe. Anyway, according to the reports of a family attorney sum of $40,000 was paid to Suleman’s mother, Angela. She must have definitely felt blessed to have daughter like Suleman. Well that was the amount that the grandmother earned, how much our mother of the moment earned is pretty hush-hush. But one thing is sure that Nadya Suleman will now be able to take good care of her octuplets as well as her six other children.

All’s well, that ends well!

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