The First Bulletproof Clothing in the History of Weapons

March 24th, 2009 - 6:52 pm ICT by GD  

The history of the world can be described in one word, “bloody”. The present world is culmination of battles and wars. The wars razed down the old and made way for the new, and this is how the world evolved, from the ruins of the war.

The first invention of man was a weapon, a weapon for killing animals for food and for protection. As time passed, the use of weapons grew; it began to be used as a means of setting disputes among men for once and for all. With the discovery of metals during the ‘bronze’ and ‘copper’ ages, lead to the innovation of more sophisticated weapons and as well as metallic structures that could be used to protect oneself when attacked by a weapon. These metallic structures of protection against weapons later developed into shields and body armors. As the sophistication of the weapons developed so did the complexity of the shields, body armors and other means of protection. But as history proves that the means of attacking was always a step ahead than the means of protection.

Today the most common weapon is a gun loaded with bullets, of course and the protection mechanism against this weapon a bulletproof vest or bulletproof clothing. It is believed that the idea or innovation of bulletproof vests originated from the soft body armor that was used by the Japanese armies in the medieval ages. Later following much research and development on the Japanese soft armors that were made of silk fibers, Rev, Zeglan of Chicago, in 1914 was able to develop the first silk bulletproof jacket, capable of stopping bullets fired from a standard black powder rifle. The cost of the first bullet proof vest was $800.

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