The Brits really are fine with fibbing!

January 14th, 2008 - 4:15 pm ICT by admin  

London, Jan 14 (ANI): Brits really dont mind telling fibs, for not only does the average Brit man lie five times a day, but the women too lie at least thrice a day.

As for what these lies might be, well according to a new poll, the words nothings wrong Im fine is the most common fib.

The survey, for flavoured vodka brand WKD, found that the next most common fib was Nice to see you while I havent got any cash on me was the third most common one.

And, women need not get their hopes up when their man tells them “I’ll give you a ring” for its the fourth most common lie thats told in the UK.

“Sorry, I missed your call” rounded off the list of the top five most commonly told fibs.

Other lies that made it to the list was No, your bum doesnt look big in that, which came in at the eight spot, as well as Of course I love you, which was 12 th on the list, reports The Sun.

“I’m stuck in traffic”, “What text?”, “I had no signal”, “Our server was down”, “My alarm didn’t go off,” “The cheque is in the post,” “My battery died,” “The train was delayed,” “I’ll phone you back in a minute”, “This tastes delicious” and “I’m going to the gym tonight” were all part of the top 20 list. (ANI)

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