Taliban’s new Constitution rules out peace talks with Afghan Govt

November 14th, 2007 - 2:02 am ICT by admin  
Mulla Muhammad Omer-led Taliban Central Shoora (Council) had approved the Constitution of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ in 2005, but it was not been made public until last week.

The 23-page booklet that contains 110 Articles in 10 Chapters holds all other Constitutions invalid.

“The publication of the Constitution is only to make sure every citizen of Afghanistan gets it in black and white,” the Telegraph quoted Fathul Kabir, a Taliban commander from Ghazni as saying.

Written in Pashto and Dari, the Constitution calls for strict adherence to the ultra orthodox, rather their unique interpretation of Shariah.

It restricts any “un-Islamic thought,” recommends severe punishments to violators in line with Shariah, marginally allows women to educate, emphasis on toughest enforcement of veiling women, reminds the obligation of jihad to all citizen, wishes good relations with neighbouring countries, and offers Taliban support to the UN regarding human rights, if not conflicting with “their” Shariah.

Previously, being solely guided by their eerie interpretations of the Holy Quran, it is for the first time that Taliban are out that loud and organised since their government, which ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, was thrown out by the incessant US-led coalition forces.

Bestowing all the powers in ‘Amirul Momineen,’ they match it with that of Karzai Government’s document saying that no law can be above or contrary to Shariah.

Meanwhile, “Omar’s Missiles,” a pocket-sized booklet published last year, laid down do’s and don’ts for the militants and described the essential ingredients of a suicide bomber.

The copies of “How to become a Jihadi” manual, the military teachings for the preparation of mujahideen, were reportedly distributed in Bajaur during the past couple of months.

The 144-page Pashto language warfare bible designed in lines with Western countries’ military manuals encompasses an exhaustive wide range of tactics that is being made available to Taliban and tribal militants.

The manual lists essential military details in its 10 chapters including weapons, spy-craft, training camps. With the help of diagrams and sketches, it provides instructions on how to strike aircrafts, vehicles and target convoys.

“It will soon be made available to the commanders in Afghanistan as well as its adjacent tribal areas of Pakistan,” a source said.

The manual advocate anti-state religious interpretations referring to President Karzai and President Pervez Musharraf, and encourages rising against the rulers.

“If a Khalifa is a puppet of the infidels, then there is no need to seek his permission for jihad,” the manual stated.

In its hair-raising justifications and weird religious interpretations, the Taliban military manual is affirmative on slaughtering enemy spies.

The three major publications of the Taliban within a year’s span, indicates a rapid revival of Taliban and their determination to adhere to their oxymoronic philosophy, and coalition forces vulnerability in bringing any kind of normalcy in the insurmountable Afghanistan. (ANI)

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