Tackling terror, key to positive Indo-Pak relations: US

January 9th, 2009 - 2:42 pm ICT by ANI  


Washington, Jan.9 (ANI): The US National Security Advisor (NSA) Stephen Hadley has said that tackling the terror issue in Pakistan is very important, as it would help the relationship between India and Pakistan to continue on a positive direction.
Stability in Pakistan is also going to be important and success in the war on terror in Pakistan is also going to be important if were going to take care of the problem in Afghanistan and if we are going to get Pakistan and Indian relations to continue on a positive footing, the Dawn quoted Hadley, as saying.
Hadley highlighted that Pakistan is itself a victim of terror, and the presence of extremist groups such as Taliban, and al Qaeda are also a threat to it. He added that the extremist activities in the tribal border areas of Pakistan is not only harming Pakistan, but also hampering the US led war on terror in Afghanistan, and making democratic stability of Afghanistan difficult.
I think that Pakistan is a victim of terror. And one of the things that people have focused on, is activities in certain of the border regions of Pakistan make more difficult achieving democratic stability in Afghanistan. But I think one of the things weve also seen is that thosethat terrorist presenceTaliban, al Qaeda, and other extremist groupsalso are a threat to Pakistan, he said.
Speaking on the eve of the US Vice President - elect Joseph Bidens visit to Pakistan to assess the situation for the Obamas administrations Southwest Asian policy, Hadley pointed out that the stability of Pakistan is very important for the United States in both bilateral and regional perspectives.
He also defended Pakistans role in the fight against terrorism after the 9/11 event.
The transition in Pakistan from a military regime to a democratic rule has been very challenging, he added.
Pakistan went into a very difficult political transition from which this new government has emerged. And thats where we area new government that I think is talking clearly that it wants to confront terror, and has probably as difficult a challenge to deal with the various groups that it has of any nation, Hadley said.
Commenting on the political situation of Pakistan, Hadley said that the stability of Pakistan is very important as it would then mean stability in Afghanistan too. (ANI)

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