Sweet Home Alabama?

March 12th, 2009 - 12:32 am ICT by GD  

A native of Alabama who was later identified as Michael McLendon killed 10 people across two counties, yesterday. McLendons’s victims included his own mother, his grandparents a sheriff’s deputy’s wife and their 18-year old child.

The killing spree of the Alabama man started with burning down his own house with his mother inside. Then he shot his grandparents, uncle and aunt dead. After these killings he moved out into the road and killed another five people before killing himself. Whether the assaulter’s mother died within the burning house had been shot or not is still to be found out.

The authorities were unable to address any motive behind the murderous rampage of Michael McLendon. The rampage that resulted in 10 deaths one of the assaulter himself left several people injured to tell the nightmarish tale. One of people injured was Geneva Chief of Police Frankie Lindsey who was luckily saved, thanks to his bullet proof vest.

Kirke Adams, a district attorney for Geneva and Dale counties and one of the witnesses to the rampage reflected upon the situation with these words, “He sprayed bullets through the town,” to the Associated Press.

The Alabama massacre began in late afternoon yesterday, in Kinston where the McLendon burned down his mother’s home with her inside. Then he move off to the nearby Samson where his grandparents, uncle and aunt resided. The Deputy Sheriff’s child and wife were killed inside their mobile home. Followed by the slaughtering of another person at the Samson supply store and then of a woman at a service station.
All the massacre and random shooting ended with the Michael taking his own life. He was in his 30’s when at the time of his suicide.

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