Support for Brown dips to historic low: Poll

August 1st, 2008 - 6:23 pm ICT by IANS  

A file-photo of Gordon Brown
London, Aug 1 (Xinhua) British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s personal appeal dipped to a historic low as speculation over his future ran wild, said a poll published in Daily Telegraph Friday. Some 15 percent interviewed believe Brown is fit for the job of prime minister, according to the YouGov survey conducted among 2000 people across the country.

About 65 percent of voters regard Brown as a “liability” for the ruling Labour Party, up from 25 percent in June last year when he assumed office. Forty-four percent agree that Labour’s electoral prospects would improve if Brown was replaced.

Support for the Labour Party is 25 percent, 22 points behind the Conservative Party led by David Cameron, which analysts say would give Cameron a landslide victory at a general election.

Only nine percent of voters believe the prime minister is “in touch with the concerns” of common people, whereas 52 percent say he “lacks the qualities needed to lead Britain effectively through its current economic problems.”

However, amid recent speculations on Brown’s likely successors, half of the voters are of the view that replacing Brown as prime minister with another Labour member of Parliament would make no difference to Britain and that it would not save the party from an election defeat in 2010.

Rising food and energy prices to be capped with a possible economic recession in Britain following the global credit crunch have been blamed on Brown, sparking debates among his party and government on forcing him down from the post.

Brown, however, is on summer holiday with his family while contemplating measures for an autumn comeback.

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