Sunscreens may increase skin cancer risk

January 21st, 2008 - 6:01 pm ICT by admin  

London, Jan 21(ANI): Contrary to popular opinion, expensive sunscreen creams will not provide protection against the sun but in fact increase the risk of skin cancer.

According to experts, expensive cosmetic sunscreens that can cost up to 10 dollars per teaspoon, are failing to provide adequate shield.

Christopher Zinn, spokesman of Choice, an Independent consumer group revealed that SPF couldnt be substituted with sunscreen.

The important thing with sun cream is that you need to use a lot often,” Daily Telegraph quoted Zinn, as saying.

“With high-cost ones, it can work out to 10 dollars per application.

Moisturiser with SPF is a great idea, but its no substitute for sunscreen,” he added.

Experts believe that people dont apply the required thick layer of sunscreen needed to provide protection.

Kay Coppa, manager Cancer Council of NSW skin cancer prevention cautioned that moisturisers or make-up with SPF protection can damage the skin, if not applied later in the day also.

“The SPF in moisturisers is different to what’s in sunscreen,” she said.

“People apply their moisturisers in the morning and that only lasts a couple of hours so when they go out to lunch that’s not going to work any more,” she added.

Ms Coppa also said that sunscreens alone do not provide 100 per cent cover. It is also necessary to cover up with a hat, clothing and shades.(ANI)

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