Sports officials oppose politicisation of Beijing Olympics

March 22nd, 2008 - 1:15 pm ICT by admin  

Beijing, March 22 (Xinhua) Several chairmen of foreign Olympic committees have voiced support for the Beijing Olympic Games, and opposed the politicisation of the grand sports event. Chairman of Kenya’s Olympic Committee Kipchoge Keino said that people shouldn’t use sports as a political tool. As one of human beings’ greatest achievements, the Olympic games should be a major force to promote world unity, not to create divisions, he said.

“Athletes have prepared for the Olympics for four years and they are looking forward to participating in the games,” Keino said.

He hopes all athletes could actively participate in the Olympic Games with the spirit of competing fairly. Boycotting the Olympics or taking similar measures are meaningless, he said.

Stressing that the Tibet issue is part of China’s internal affairs, he said he has the confidence that “the Chinese government and people will make all possible efforts to make the Olympics a success”.

Romanian Olympic Committee president Octavian Morariu told Romania Libera newspaper that he opposed the boycott of the Beijing Olympics, saying: “We have no rights to interfere in other countries’ political affairs.”

Morariu said he is full of confidence that Beijing can host a successful Olympic Games, and the International Olympic Committee has already expressed the same belief, saying the safety of Olympic athletes will be absolutely guaranteed.

Under these circumstances, the idea of boycotting the Beijing Olympics is not even worth considering, he said.

President of Togo’s National Olympic Committee, Zoumaro Gnofame, opposed any attempt to politicise sports.

Gnofame made the remarks during a meeting with Chinese Charge d’Affaires Shao Wei. He said Togo would unswervingly support the Beijing Olympic Games and send a delegation to the event.

He added that the “Tibet issue” would not affect most countries’ passion to participate in the upcoming Olympics.

Latvian Olympic Committee president Aldons Vrublevsk said the committee firmly opposes any attempt to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games by taking advantage of the so-called “Tibet issue”, adding that no such actions would find “common views” among the athletes.

Viktors Scerbatihs, weightlifting world champion and parliament member of Latvia, said all the athletes are looking forward to participating in the Olympics and any political issues should be dealt with after the Games.

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