Smart system to take risk out of driving

April 14th, 2008 - 3:37 pm ICT by admin  

London, April 14 (IANS) Visualise a smart system that enables you to negotiate sharp, treacherous bends, blind spots and sudden dips on the road ahead, with perfect ease and safety. The technology being developed by a European project on road safety will keep you updated on geographical database. It can even communicate with other vehicles in the vicinity.

This is the future of in-car maps, going way beyond directions and entering the zone of pro-active hazard detection. It is one of the key strands of the PReVENT project.

PReVENT is the largest road safety research initiative ever launched in Europe, with a budget of over 50 million Euros and 56 partners.

A dozen projects focus on specific road safety issues, but all projects support and feed into one another in some way, ensuring that the impact is greater than the sum of its parts and partners.

It is an example of using existing resources in new ways to increase functionality at low costs. Essentially, the onboard computer scans the maps for the ’speed profile’ of the road ahead, the right of way and other data.

Another component, ‘LateralSafe,’ uses sensors to scan the blind spot lane and your current lane, while ‘SafeLane’ ensures that drivers stay in the correct lane. InterSafe, another sub-project, would help negotiate intersections.

“The analysis of many situations can be dramatically improved by an awareness of the location,” said Matthias Schulze, coordinator of the EU-funded PReVENT project.

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