Slain by Indian dad, Glasgow children twinkle as stars (Lead)

September 18th, 2008 - 8:25 pm ICT by IANS  

London, Sep 18 (IANS) Large, bright stars have been named after two small children who were slain by their Indian father four months ago in an unexplained and gruesome act of murder.The grieving mother of Paul, 6, and Jay, 2, was given the celestial gift by a stranger who was moved after reading of her disconsolate state.

Giselle Ross spoke movingly in a recent Scottish newspaper interview about how she has tried ­ and sometimes failed ­ to cope with day-to-day life after Ashok Kalyanjee stabbed and burnt their sons to death at a popular beauty spot in Glasgow.

Kalyanjee, who slashed his own throat and tried to burn himself after killing his sons has been charged with murder after being released from hospital, where he had been close to death.

A Scottish Sunday Mail reader was so moved after reading an interview with Ross she registered two stars in Paul’s and Jay’s names reported to be “very large bright stars” in the constellation of Canis Major.

“I’m overwhelmed this lady did something so special. Now I can look up at the stars and know my boys are looking down at me. When my mum Jean died in January, I told Paul his granny was a star,” said Ross.

“He used to sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ to her every night. Jay used to point to the star and say that he was going to be beside granny in the sky. I can’t believe that’s come true.”

The reader, who does not want to be named, said: “I hope this will let Giselle know people are thinking of her.”

In her interview, Ross told the Scottish Sunday Mail her “world ended” the day her boys died.

Ross herself arranged the funeral service for the boys and chose a white coffin in which they were buried together in each other’s arms, along with the ashes of their grandmother.

The paper said the 41-year-old woman tends the boys’ grave every day.

“It’s a huge comfort, knowing they’re all in there together,” Ross said.

“Paul’s arm is around his little brother. I know they’ll all look after each other.

“If I could take a miracle pill to join them, I would. My babies were my life. I lived for them, and can’t imagine the rest of my life without them.”

Ross said she has not been able to bring herself to return home.

“The place is just as I left it on May 3, with the boys’ pyjamas lying where they left them and the breakfast things still sitting out.

“I couldn’t bear to look at those things now. My brothers had to go and clear the house for me and I’ve been staying with my family until I can face what happens next.”

Ross denied she and Kalyanjee had separated before the incident, saying: “We were happy together and Ash was good to the boys. He saw the boys every day of their lives. There was no sign that anything was wrong. If there had been, I never would have allowed the boys to go with him that day. I dressed them in their clothes, and saw them off.”

At the time of the tragedy, Kalyanjee, 46, was reported by the local media to have been suffering from depression.

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