Sherpao dismisses official complicity in Karachi bombings

November 14th, 2007 - 2:38 am ICT by admin  
In an interview to the Newsweek on Sunday, Sherpao told Ron Moreau that the lone suicide bomber who targeted Bhutto was probably from the Tribal Areas along the Afghanistan border, the Daily Times reported.

Sherpao said he would not accuse anyone of being party to the incident without solid proof.

When asked who was responsible for the blasts, Sherpao said it was “too early” to say this, “but we can make presumptions from the evidence at the scene of the crime.”

“We are sure it was a suicide bomber who was on foot and not in a car. We have recovered the trigger, the striker sleeve of the suicide bomber’s detonator. It has similarities with other (suicide bombing) cases that recently have taken place,” he said, adding that from the blast’s intensity, it was determined that 12 to 14 kilograms of explosives were detonated.

He said an investigation was underway to determine where the suicide bombers were resourced.

Responding to a query about how many bombers were involved in the attack, Sherpao said: “We are only certain about one. We presume that the first low intensity explosion came from a grenade the bomber threw to divert the attention of the law enforcement agencies so he could get near.”

He said the October 18 bombings made it necessary to limit the political activities in the country that had previously been planned for the general elections.

Commenting on the increasing visibility of the Taliban in Pakistani cities, he said the main problem lies in the Tribal areas where sympathetic Pakistani elements were providing refuge to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

Sherpao said these people “are drawing and recruiting people from inside Pakistan, from southern Punjab province and other provinces to do these jobs. We are trying to destroy their training camps and are asking (the tribal militants) to hand over the foreigners.”

He went on to say that the problem could only be solved through both short-term military action and long-term measures that would provide education, jobs and infrastructure to the people there. (ANI)

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