Reality TV, Facebook ‘worst innovations in the last 10 years’

February 18th, 2011 - 5:19 pm ICT by ANI  

Facebook London, Feb 18 (ANI): According to a survey, reality TV, Facebook and congestion charges are some of the worst innovations in the last 10 years.

Internet seems to have made it to the best and the worst list - the former for online shopping while the latter for Twitter, the micro blogging site; Facebook, the social network; and Pop-up advertising, all of which make it into the top five innovations that have had the most negative effect on our lives.

The list was created by Foundation, a consultancy, which advises retailers, banks and other consumer companies and then voted on by 2,200 consumers.

“This survey is a reminder of how useful broadband has become for most people in the UK. It allows us to do lots of things more quickly, more effectively and with a lot less effort, from shopping to dating to finding stuff out,” the Telegraph quoted Charlie Dawson, a partner at The Foundation, as saying.

Reality television shows also accompanied Facebook and Twitter.

The main reason the format topped the list was “irritation” and “time wasting”, according to those surveyed.

Green measures feature on both the worst and best list too. While community recycling schemes are a positive, paying for plastic bags is a big negative for many.

The innovations of that have contributed the most to Britain in the last 10 years

1. Home broadband

2. Online shopping

3. Google

4. Chip and Pin

5. Digital cameras/photography

6. Online comparison sites

7. Community Recycling

8. Health labelling on foods (e.g. traffic lights)

9. Low-cost air travel

10. Consumer GPS/Sat-Nav

The innovations of that have contributed the least to Britain in the last 10 years

1. Reality TV

2. Facebook and similar

3. Pop-up advertising

4. Twitter

5. IVR/Interactive voice response on telephones

6. Congestion charging

7. Paid-for plastic bags

8. DVD membership schemes (e.g. Lovefilm)

9. Tracker mortgages

10. Public bike schemes (ANI)

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