Real life Batman brings joy to the needy this Christmas

December 12th, 2008 - 6:51 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Dec 12 (ANI): He had only existed on the big screen and comic books, but this Christmas is seeing a real life Batman helping out the needy on the streets of Sheffield.
The mystery millionaire, who has been handing out toys, food and money to the needy, prefers to keep his identity a secret and his donations are said to have amounted to beyond 10,000 pounds.
But the caped crusaders work does not end there, he has also been seen serving at soup kitchens, helping out in a charity shop and spreading the festive spirit on a children’’s hospital ward.
He has promised to do more, but as of now the only question that is on everybody’’s mind is who is this real-life hero.
Batman first captured the imagination of Sheffield when he delivered dozens of mince pies, helped to serve up full English breakfasts and gave a pep talk to the homeless at Sheffield’’s Cathedral Archer Project.
He then used his bat wing to shelter Big Issue seller Gary Ashmore, 26, who has been sleeping on the streets for four years.
“He’’s fantastic. This place needs all the help it can get. But I never thought it would come from Batman,” the Daily Express quoted Gary as saying.
He has also visited a Bluebell Wood Children’’s Hospice charity shop, where he rattled collection tins outside in the cold before manning tills and stocking shelves with new toys he also donated.
“At first we thought he was a joker, but he turned out to be a true superhero,” one of the shop workers said.
“It was a normal run-of-the-mill day when suddenly Batman appeared at the front door and started helping us sell things. Takings rocketed as word spread. But as soon as we started asking him who he was he disappeared in a flash. We”re thinking of getting a Bat light installed so we can send him a signal whenever business is slow,” the shop worker added.
His next stop was Sheffield Children’’s Hospital, where he handed out new toys to put a smile on the faces of the patients.
“I don”t care if some people think I”m bonkers. If I inspire others to give their time and money to good causes this Christmas, it’’s been worth it,” the Batman said speaking in an American accent, which is believed to be part of his disguise.
“I have got a few bob and, with my business partner, we”ve given over 10,000 pounds to charities.
“He’’s now looking for a Robin outfit, so soon we might become the dynamic duo. But we”ll probably end up looking more like Del Boy and Rodney.
“We can”t help everyone. But if we can encourage other people to get stuck in, it should make a big difference.
“My message is that you don”t need to be a superhero, or super wealthy, to give to deserving causes. If you can give cash, or toys, that’’s fantastic. The most precious gift of all is your time.
“I don”t want to reveal my identity because it’’s more important to highlight the charities.
“When I take my mask off I”m just an ordinary guy. The real superheroes are the volunteers, doctors and nurses. They are fantastic. Support them,” he added. (ANI)

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