Rashid shouldn’t try to subvert the people’s right to elect their leader: PPP

November 14th, 2007 - 2:50 am ICT by admin  
Rehman said this while reacting to Ahmed’s assertions that Benazir Bhutto would not become Prime Minister for a third time.

“When a cabinet minister begins to eliminate the name of the chairwoman of the largest political party as a prospective candidate for the PM’s slot, he is not only panicking, but also striking at the heart of the democratic process,” Rehman said.

“By saying that Bhutto cannot be the PM, Rashid is openly advocating a selection, not an election,” she added.

Rehman said Ahmed was vitiating the spirit of the national reconciliation, which his own government had been advocating.

“This reveals an internal disarray among government ranks,” she added.

“Bhutto has demonstrated that her political strength is rooted in the people of Pakistan, and it is her right like any other citizen to be accorded a level-playing field,” Rehman said.

The PPP had condemned all attempts to blame victims of the October 18 blasts in Karachi for this carnage, she said.

“If Rashid thinks that the PPP invited these blasts, or that people on the streets came for anyone else other than Bhutto, he is truly delusional and is validating acts of terror,” the Daily Times quoted Rehman, as saying. (ANI)

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