Post-Castro, life in Cuba goes on as usual

February 21st, 2008 - 3:36 pm ICT by admin  

By Martin Hacthoun
Three days after Fidel Castro’s decision to neither aspire to nor accept re-election as president of the Council of State and Commander in Chief hit the news, life in Cuba and for Cubans goes about as usual. And contrary to what the US government and the big media groups are disseminating, the only transition on the island in the foreseeable future rests on the changes the Cubans themselves are proposing to improve their socialist system of common and equal benefits for all.

“He who believes that Fidel’s decision means the end of Socialism in Cuba is wrong. There’s neither a sign nor a symptom that significant sectors of the Cuban society wants to roll back to Capitalism. Not even a majority of bishops of the Catholic Church”, Brazilian theologian Frei Beto remarks.

After the Cuban leader’s message made the big headline in Cuba Tuesday morning, the world media, particularly the big Western news transnationals unleashed an avalanche of stories, some even apocalyptic, and placed the island of 11.2 million people under their analytic microscope.

However, they have found - whether they print or broadcast it, a nation that goes on peacefully and normally with the course of life, knowing that it is living historic moments, but at the same time, aware that it is itself the true leading protagonist of its own history.

“It is an exercise, moreover, that it has been practicing for over 50 years by now beyond Western imposed silences”, an editorial in the Spanish publication Rebeli

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