Pop music to help hasten late Popes path to sainthood

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London, November 17 (ANI): A DVD aiming at hastening late Pope John Paul Seconds path to sainthood, which the Vatican is to launch soon, will show the pontiff singing like a music star.

The DVD is titled Santo Subito, a reference to the Latin proclamation “Make him a saint now!”, which was chanted by crowds at the pontiffs funeral in 2005.

British composer Simon Boswell, whose work normally features in Hollywood movies, was employed by the Church to write the music for the DVD.

He has clarified that the project is not a documentary about the former Pope.

“It’s very difficult to describe because it’s not a documentary - it is a celebration of the life of John Paul II, in images which have been artistically manipulated,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

Boswell has added his own music to the images of the late pontiff. He has used traditional orchestral and choral sounds as well as a few contemporary idioms for the purpose.

The disc features trip-hop and “jazz trance” styles of music, and includes recordings of speeches made by John Paul II and even some archive of the late pope singing.

Boswell says that the biggest challenge before him was to treat the recordings of the late Popes singing.

He has revealed that he was “very nervous about interfering with the pontiff’s voice”.

The composer, however, admits to using computer technology to improve the pontiffs voice.

Although the Vatican had a slight complaint about the extent to which the papal voice had been altered, Boswell insists that the Church was content with the final product.

He also says that composing music to complement images of the late pope was like a surprising spiritual journey for him.

“I have felt very moved by doing the thing, and I’ve almost felt guided or watched over in a way I haven’t felt before. I’ve felt privileged and an empathy towards the subject that I very often don’t,” he said.

Boswell also says that studying John Paul II’s life gave him a “window into faith” that he appreciated.

“Seeing the power of his speech, and the millions and millions of people over the world mesmerised by him, I actually felt quite moved. He was saying things that any nice human being couldn’t refuse,” he said. (ANI)

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