Peacock gang launches attack on Brit village cars!

June 26th, 2008 - 7:53 pm ICT by ANI  

London, June 26 (ANI): A group of peacocks has become a hazard for Lincolnshire villagers after the birds started attacking their cars.

When Percy the peacock first strutted into the village, residents admired his plumage and agreed that he brightened the place up.

However, when Percy found a partner and started a family, they weren’t quite so impressed.

The birds began wrecking gardens, damaging property, and screeching into the night.

And while the peacocks still have a handful of supporters, villagers are so fed up, they are voting to decide whether Percy should be knocked off his perch.

“It was okay when we just had Percy, but where’s it all going to end now they have started to breed, the Telegraph quoted John Durham, who is campaigning to have the peacocks removed, as saying.

“It’s like having a crowd of locusts descend. As soon as the first colour began to show through on my begonias the peacocks came and ate the lot.

“I also planted a bed of parsley, but when my wife went out to pick some to go with fish for tea there were only a couple of battered sprigs left,” he added.

Hadley Tudor, who runs the local B&B, said: “The birds wake us up with a terrible din at 4.30am and have eaten all our runner beans and pansies. They would be better off in a stately home.”

Jackie Collins, who works in the village shop, added: “They are really noisy, especially in the breeding season, and cause an awful lot of damage to vegetation.

“They also wander around in the road and are a hazard to themselves and drivers.”

However, there are plenty who want the peacocks to stay and have planted themselves firmly in the yes camp.

Denise Jameson, landlady of the local pub, the Royal Oak, said: “I’m at the other end of the village, so I should probably remain neutral. But I like them - they are characters and add to the community.”

Ken Toulson, a fellow supporter, added: “It’s lovely to see three or four of them sitting together on a roof or one of the males feathering out his tail.” (ANI)

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