Paradise Lost: Leta Cordes Still Missing

May 16th, 2009 - 6:47 pm ICT by GD  

The intriguing case of Leta Cordes, 49-year-old mother of a grown up son, and wife to Frank Cordes, her half-German husband of 20 long years, gets murkier still, with reports trickling in, of Frank being the new possible suspect. Gone missing from a sun-soaked, idyllic tourist haven in the Carribean,the story of Leta’s disappearance created ripples of unease in the otherwise blissful part-French, part-Dutch island paradise of St. Martin, with the case being handed over to the the Dutch authorities for investigation.

Hailing from Mission Viejo, California, the vivacious party-person, who had a special inclination towards trying her luck at the island’s numerous casinos, seemed to run out of luck finally, and come into what her family an friends believe to be, harm’s way, with her sudden inexplicable disappearance without a trace. More tragic still, is the fact that the couple were apparently in the middle of plans to set up home in that gorgeous sea-washed, sun-bathed locale, when the incident took place on January 11, 2008.

While the Dutch authorities are now being assisted in their investigation by The French St. Martin Authorities,the Royal Dutch Marechaussees, Kingdom Co-operation detective team RST, the local police force, the FBI and the California Homicide detectives, no significant breakthrough seems to have come about as yet. Apparently, paradise has it’s share of troubles too. There is no other option for the public to wait and watch for the further revelations. Let us see that the investigators can bring up next.

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