Pak-Hindu astrologer predicts major changes in South Asia after Oct 17

November 14th, 2007 - 1:48 am ICT by admin  
According to Maharaj Premchand Haimchand, an expert in astrology from Sanghar, the forthcoming changes will especially affect the rulers of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Though he said he was not in a position to say exactly what would happen, Haimchand added, “From past experiences, something new will happen to South Asia.”

“Shani (the god of Saturday’s star), the fifth star of the constellation Leo, is in the same position as it was in 1947, in 1977 and now in 2007. This star is in the same position every 30 years,” the Daily Times quoted him as saying.

Suriya (the Sun) changes position every 27 days, and on October 17, it will change to its new position. Shani will also move and be in the same position as it was 30 years ago, Haimchand added.

Claiming that many of his predictions have come true in the past, Haimchand, who records all of his predications, said, “In 1947 when Shani was in position, the subcontinent divided and hundreds were killed in riots.”

Asian countries experience change with the movement of Shani.”

He further recalled that the first general elections held under a civilian rule in Pakistan took place in 1977, and Zulfikar Bhutto’s PPP won most of the seats in Parliament but, after charges of fraud, he agreed to hold a new election. Before it could be held, the army staged a coup and ousted Bhutto.

He also predicted that the prices of “white coloured commodities, including cotton, flour, rice and sugar” would rise. (ANI)

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