Only Harry Potter can save the Pakistan, say Karachi school kids

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Eleven-year-old Meena, a Class seven student, said, “The situation was similar to that in the books when Lord Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic and starts hunting down Harry Potter. We just hope there is a Harry Potter out there somewhere who will save us.”

Sehar Rizvi, a teacher, said, “My students might be young, but it is heartening to see how well informed they are. They did a pretty good job on the analogies of characters that they had been assigned”.

“What distresses them the most is the absence of a character like Dumbledore and they can’t quite mark anyone as accomplished as the greatest wizard of all”, said Sophiya, another teacher.

Some students came up with the idea that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Dumbledore were both deceased.

Twelve-year-old Saad Zia felt that Dumbledore and Jinnah were similar in that their followers were in danger.

“Quaid-e-Azam was a lawyer and his followers, the lawyers and the Supreme Court are now in danger and Dumbledore was the headmaster and his students and school were in danger,” said Zia.

Twelve-year-old Hamza Niazi said that Voldemort and Musharraf were similar because they were both supporters of “militancy”.

“Voldemort wanted to finish off defence against the dark arts and teach in the school of wizardry. In our situation, Musharraf wants to finish off the judiciary which would defend the weak, and turn the country into a dictatorship,” Niazi added.

The children compared Musharraf and the military’s take over as the one conducted by Lord Voldemort and his death eaters.

The students felt PTV was similar to ‘Daily Prophet’, the wizardry newspaper, while the other news channels that have been banned were compared to ‘The Quibbler’, which was the newspaper that went against Voldemort and was then shut down after the villain and his allies kidnapped the editor’s daughter.

They compared the code of conduct for the media to the ‘taboo law’ imposed in the last Harry Potter book.

The army and other law enforcing agencies were said to be the ’snatchers’ (Voldemort’s workers) who used to catch witches and wizards who dared to utter the dark lord’s name.

They also compared Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz to Thackneize, who was the prime minister of the wizards appointed by Voldemort and had been put under the imperious curse.

The children’s most insightful observations were those regarding Benazir Bhutto.

They felt she was similar to Umbridge, an evil ministry witch who had given Harry a hard time in his fifth year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The students did not forget those whose loved ones were arrested or killed. Their sorrow was likened to the presence of dementors, creatures that took away all hope and happiness but were invisible to ‘muggle’ (non-wizards) eyes.

The most creative comparison was that of the ‘Order of Phoenix’, a secret society working hard to bring down the death eaters and Voldemort independent of the ministry’s governance.

The students felt the media was playing that role by ensuring that the whole world was aware of the dark times that were being faced by Pakistanis. (ANI)

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