‘Offshore angel’ restored an Aussie’s faith in call centres

May 6th, 2008 - 10:46 am ICT by admin  

Sydney, May 6 (IANS) The thought of your call being diverted to a call centre thousands of miles away often arouses feelings ranging from uncertainty and insecurity to sheer disdain, but for one Australian it restored his faith in call centres. Charles Pope of Morpeth in New South Wales wrote in ‘Letters to the Editor’ column of The Sydney Morning Herald how he had needed to sort out a problem with the antivirus software on his computer and a call on the other side of the world made his two uncommunicative computers “swap data like old friends”.

“My heart sank when a foreign voice responded to my call - how would I explain my issue to someone on the other side of the world in words she could understand?” writes Pope.

“But she listened, explained how she would talk me through the problem, and then did so. When she had another call waiting, she left me with a longish download and said she would call back in an hour. She did, and talked me through the next steps, which involved synchronizing antivirus software on two computers.

“It all worked exactly as she said it would. She tolerated my plodding keystrokes, and, to my amazement, my two computers, which have not been able to communicate with each other for two years, are now talking and swapping data like old friends.

“She called yet again an hour later just to make sure all was OK. Then she sent emails explaining what she had done, for future reference.

“Rocha Kumara, wherever you are, you have restored my faith in call centres”, writes Pope.

Among all the uproar of jobs going overseas and security at stake with banks, financial institutions, credit card and technological companies off shoring functions to Call Centres, some like Pope would rather have their call answered by someone who is highly skilled in the job and can solve the problem with ease.

Certainly, accent is not an issue when it comes to tech solutions, probably the reason why call centres are thriving in countries like India.

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