Nature will reclaim Earth very quickly once mankind perishes

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London, May 25 (ANI): Londons once bustling Oxford Street will turn into a roam-free ground for wild rhinos and will see towering infernos rage and crumbling buildings just five years after the human race dies out, according to a new TV documentary Life After People.

Most experts agree that humans will one day become extinct. If Earths life so far of four and a half billion years were represented by 24 hours, mans time on the planet would take up just 30 seconds, the experts say.

Its no great stretch to imagine humans disappearing from the earth. Every generation has its tales of re the first generation whose deliberate actions may cause its own doom, The Sun quoted astrophysicist David Brin, as saying.

Now experts have come together to predict a future without humans and the result is the sobering documentary. Within just 48 hours, most power plants would automatically shut down without humans to keep feeding them fuel, and even wind turbines would seize up eventually with nobody to maintain them.

Food would rot on supermarket shelves, while pets, which couldnt escape from their homes, would slowly starve to death.

Ray Coppinger, a biologist from Hampshire College in Massachusetts, says: The instant the humans have gone, there wont be any food for the dogs to live off. They cant open cans, they cant open the refrigerator.

Very few of the 400million dogs in the world are suited to surviving life without humans.

Triggered by lightning strikes, wildfires would spread unchecked. Charred timbers would then release nutrients into the soil, providing the next wave of plant life with the nitrogen it needs to grow and thrive.

McDaniel College in Maryland, says: Nature will reclaim Earth very quickly. Without armies of gardeners and repairmen, cities will turn wild very quickly. Mans supposed domination over nature is actually quite tenuous. Nature will reinforce its dominance over man.

Gordon Masterton, from the Institution of Civil Engineers, says: The windows will crack and slip from their frames as the buildings are put under pressure. After a few of the windows fall out of high-rise buildings, the wind pressure changes dramatically. As well as external pressure on the building, you also get suction, so more panels are likely to fall out.

Buildings fill with debris blown in with the wind, and at the same time the copper lightning conductor is corroded and useless so the tower can be turned into a raging inferno, leaving just the steel infrastructure, around which vegetation will grow. (ANI)

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