Musharraf’s win a perversion of democracy, say US papers

November 14th, 2007 - 1:55 am ICT by admin  
According to papers like the New York Times and the Washington Times, the presidential voting was not really a voting process as is understood by the rest of the world.

The October 6 poll took place with a majority of the civilian opposition in disarray, and abstaining from voting. This ensured Musharraf’s win through the votes cast by the ruling PML (Q), and all that is left is for the Supreme Court to certify the result. Should the apex court fail to do this, the potential for declaring martial law in Pakistan is very real, though Washington or more specifically the White House may not approve or accept it.

“We hope the court will rule fairly and independently - and that General Musharraf’s enablers in Washington will make clear that he must respect that decision and finally start moving his country toward the rule of law,” the NYT says in its editorial.

Since October 1999, when Musharraf seized power, he has time again used it vindictively, forcing his rivals into exile and by harassing and intimidating journalists, judges and anyone who has tried to stand up to him.

When confronted with mass protests this summer, Musharraf threatened to suspend the Parliament and impose martial law. It took a 2 a.m. phone call from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to get him to back down.

Musharraf’s backroom deal with Benazir Bhutto, which has been encouraged by Washington, is his latest attempt to buy time and stay in office, say the U.S.papers.

But they criticise U.S.President George W Bush for not encouraging a more-inclusive election process. Washington, the papers say has to make it clear that its days of buying time for Musharraf are over. (ANI)

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