Musharraf’s appeasement of US responsible for killings in Waziristan: Beg

November 14th, 2007 - 1:58 am ICT by admin  
General Beg further said that after being re-elected as the head of state, Musharraf is trying to convince his main backer, the US that he is very serious in fighting the war on terror.

The casualties of the military personnel were much higher than being admitted officially, he added.

General Beg proposed that accepting its defeat at the hands of the militants the government should withdraw troops from the tribal areas and hold talks with the tribesmen to restore peace to the area.

In case this was not done, he said, the situation would worsen with the passage of time and finding a solution would become more difficult.

General Beg predicted that in the days ahead the conflict could spread to Miram Shah, Para Chinar, Kohat and other adjoining areas.

He warned that the army would not be able to defeat the people who could not be defeated in the past even by the US, Russia and troops of other countries.

Asked how many people were fighting the Pakistan Army, General Beg said all tribal people of the area were involved in the situation.

He believed that they would not stop fighting unless their demands were met.

General Beg said that it was regrettable that every now and then the Pakistan Army had to kill its own people to show the US afresh that it was determined to eliminate the militants.

He said at present the Mirali cantonment was under tremendous pressure, and the troops were not willing to fight.

In his assessment the re-election of Musharraf would escalate the fighting going on in the tribal areas, the Dawn reported. (ANI)

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