Musharraf committed political ’suicide bombing’: Former US envoy

November 14th, 2007 - 10:19 am ICT by admin  

Musharraf had “blasted his political credibility and legacy and in the process killed the transition to civilian democracy, She told a meeting at the George Washington University.

It is a tragedy.” She said he is not the same man she dealt with as ambassador in 2001-02. He was now much more remote and impervious to advice. His “flimsy rationale” for his action had no takers.

“By cracking down on civil society, Musharraf had placed his personal ambitions above the rule of law and jeopardised his legacy and personal relations with the US,” Chamberlain added.

Chamberlain said that the US should project “very loudly” that its relationship is with the people of Pakistan and not with one man or one favourite party or one institution like the Pakistan Army.

Cooperation with Pakistan should, however, be continued and the US must support the return to democracy, she said.

If Musharraf does not roll back emergency, then he must understand that it cannot be “business as usual” with Washington, Chamberlain claimed.

Chamberlain, now the president of the Middle East Institute, suggested that the US should review its aid programme to Pakistan to continue assistance that brings direct benefit to the people.

It should also freeze or discontinue all “big ticket” weapon systems that the Pakistan Army wants. She said Musharraf believes that America needs him more than he needs America.

“He has personalised the bilateral relationship. He is intoxicated with the thrill of being America’s hero. He simply does not believe we would care more about democracy than military cooperation,” Chamberlain stated. (ANI)

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