Mush says “Im not selfish” and, the US believes him

November 16th, 2007 - 1:32 pm ICT by admin  

Islamabad, Nov.16 (ANI): Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf went on Pakistani Television on Thursday night and said that he was not a selfish or a greedy man, and that his decision to impose an emergency was the best way to battle terrorism.
“Things would be much worse in Pakistan if we didn’t have emergency rule. I’m not a selfish or greedy man. I am doing this for Pakistan,” the Washington Post quoted Musharraf as saying during the course of his address. Musharraf’s unpopularity with the masses and political leaders may be at an all time high, but the Bush Administration apparently still reposes faith in him and believes that he will deliver what is required of him in due course.
Locals see both Musharraf and U.S. President George W Bush as the key people responsible for the state in which Pakistan finds itself today.
“We used to love America. Give me Tom Cruise and a vacation in Florida any day. But why isn’t the U.S. standing up for Pakistan when we need it most? Is America even listening to us? We are calling them Busharraf now. They are the same man,” the paper quoted 30-year-old Parveen Aslam, as saying.
While many Pakistanis lament that the Bush administration is involved in their country’s politics, they also see the United States as the only force strong enough to do what they say is necessary to temper the crisis.
The White House has taken note of the Pakistanis’ ire, and Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte is expected to deliver a tough message to Musharraf.
Negroponte is also expected to visit with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Lahore.
In testimony to Congress last week, Negroponte said Musharraf was an “indispensable” ally of the United States. Such remarks have led many Pakistanis critical of Musharraf to fear that Negroponte’s visit will serve as little more than a photo opportunity.
“Let’s just say the visit is better late than never. The U.S. is saying what they should have said a long time ago,” said Lt.Gen. Talat Masood.
Pakistanis’ relationship with the United States is a complicated one. Many see Bush’s “war on terrorism” as a war on Islam. At the same time, they view the United States as a source of prestige and prosperity. Pakistanis wealthy enough to afford a U.S. education for their children display bumper stickers from elite American universities in the back windows of their cars. “Frankly speaking, I’m not all that hopeful. I think the U.S. is not going to cut off aid anytime soon, although publicly it may make some noise,” said Omar R. Quraishi, op-ed editor of The News, about the outcome of Negropontes visit. (ANI)

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